Vivisannio is a service agency that seeks to promote the endless natural beauty of Sannio. The territory Sannita, is in Italy … in southern Italy and much of it, is part of the province of Benevento. It ‘a hilly territory, must agriculture and tourism connected to it, are the primary activities. We are not far from the Amalfi Coast, from Naples, from Vesuvius! And having offered our tourists cycling on Taburno, walking in the mountains of Val Fortore, guided tours in the Caudina and benevento magnificent valley, we are also equipped to move in beautiful Naples. Find it, with our motor which you’ll find below, your favorite type of accommodation: villas, b & b, country house; holiday home, hotels, resorts, villages. It selects the city you prefer and you will have a full list of accommodation with well specified what you can (mountain biking – horse riding – Rafting – Shopping – walks – excursions)! If you have doubts, if you want advice, write to info@vivisannio.com and together and organize your holiday in Sannio!

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